Samstag, Mai 24, 2008

Euro sandbox for security training

Swiss police is confronted with a tough challenge. Nobody knows, how violent the fans at the Euro 2008 games will be. Austria could feel the head with the Polish, the German and the Croat team. But Switzerland will have some hot soals as well: The Dutch, the Turks and the Czec might us their fists if their teams do not satisfy them.

In the last few weeks Swiss security forces have tested their strategy, their preparation and infrustructur. Their were reports in the medias, that the security concept is loose, that it has deficits and wholes. Why not practice more in a sandbox.

In a secret attempt to practise without beeing watched by medias and public the commanders of the 4 police corps from Bern, Basel, Zürich and Geneva have set up a Lego play box, where regular trainings take place. If you to not believe, watch the video above.

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