Donnerstag, April 21, 2011

Classical music is seeking ways to win younger audiences

The audience of classic concerts is aging faster than the general population. If the trend continues, many musicians will soon be left without jobs. The industry is looking into new ways of performing classics to appeal to a younger audience. (SF/

First Swiss sign language video dictionary goes online

In April 2011 the Swiss Deaf Federation is launching an online sign language dictionary. Expressions can be called up in German, French and Italian sign language. (SF/

Dienstag, April 05, 2011

The SBC tower in Geneva - der SRG- Turm in Genf

In 2004, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation launched an international architecture competition to renovate the iconic building that serves as a headquarters for the French speaking national television station, TSR. The imposing renovated structure on the banks of the river Arve is an important landmark and symbol of communications for the whole region. It was in 1968 that Geneva architect, Arthur Bugna drew up plans for one of the first-ever high-rise office blocks in Switzerland. The tower now has a new look.

Samstag, April 02, 2011

Building Switzerland: The lighthouse

Leutschenbach School is located in Schwamendingen in the north of Zurich. An area caught between post-war romanticism, dense new development and industry, it’s no easy location for a school. To overcome this challenge, everything is under one roof: gym, hall and classrooms. With a thousand tonnes of steel, ten thousand tonnes of concrete, four thousand square metres of glass, this radical steel structure with its pure glass façade is one of a kind.